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Schockemohle Bell Boots w/ Neoprene

$ 44.50

When it comes to your horse’s safety, you should never settle for anything less than the very best! The Schockemohle Sports Neoprene Bell Boots are professionally designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

These boots are made with a durable exterior. The smooth outer material is designed to resist the wear and tear of riding, as well as to protect your horse from catching his hooves in the case of over-reaching or mis-stepping.

These bell boots are also lined with a thick neoprene interior, as well as padding around the top cuff. This soft, flexible material is designed to ensure maximum comfort and to prevent uncomfortable pinching and rubbing around your horse’s feet. It also functions to reduce the impact and absorb the shock of your horse’s movements.

The Schockemohle Sports Neoprene Bell Boots are also complete with durable Velcro closures. These Velcro straps are designed to provide a stable fit, as well as secure attachments for maximum protection.

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