PS of Sweden Softy/Supergrip Reins

PS of Sweden Softy/Supergrip Reins

$ 66.00

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Reins softy/supergrip

A soft rein with supergrip on the inside.

A very soft and comfortable rein in top-quality English "softy" leather paired with supergrip on the inside for superior grip and comfort. The rains have PS' own patent pending elastic Cradle™ (in polyester) to offer the horse a softer contact between the mouth and hand. If the horse prefers the reins without the cradles, they are designed to be easily removed by simply detaching the cradle. The reins also feature hand stops and martingale stoppers with the PS logo.
Attention! The buckles are turned outwards!
English vegetable tanned leather.
Size 2 – 260 cm
Size 3 – 290 cm