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PS of Sweden All In Double Bridle

PS of Sweden All In Double Bridle
PS of Sweden All In Double Bridle
PS of Sweden All In Double Bridle
$ 547.00

All In Double Bridle

Exclusive double bridle with lacquered crocoprint and Air Foam.
A truly exclusive, anatomic double bridle for the rider who wants something extraordinary.
NOSEBAND The pullback noseband is padded with Air Foam, which pushes the air inside the noseband to even out the pressure. The noseband is also extra wide and measures 5 cm. It's decorated with luxury patent crocoprint! The padding is brown and in between leather and padding you find a wonderful detail: lacquered piping.
HEADPIECE The patent pending headpiece is softly padded and leaves plenty of space for the ears.
CHEEK PIECES The cheek pieces are round stitched with french hooks and our patent pending Cradles™, which allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure on the poll. Our Cradles™ are selectable and constructed to be easily "hooked on and off." The bridles elongated cheek pieces coupled with shorter headpiece straps further accentuates the bridles unique and elegant design. The cheek pieces have french hooks and matte black buckles. The cheek pieces are horizontally adjustable to avoid pressure on the nerves. Even the padding inside the noseband is cut out to avoid any pinch in the cheeks.
BROWBAND The browband is round stitched and have PS’ own patent pending Click-It™ design, Which means you can swap it in a few seconds, even when the horse is already wearing the bridle.

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