KL Bridle Italia Pirouette w/ Flsh Crnk

KL Bridle Italia Pirouette w/ Flsh Crnk

$ 224.00 $ 320.00

KL Italia Pirouette Dressage Bridle with Flash Crank and V-shaped Crystal Comfort Crown

For the discerning rider, KL Select Italia bridles are top quality bridles. Handcrafted from the finest Italian leather, KL Italia bridles feature our new, recessed, soft-padded comfort crown. This system allows you to have the ultimate in comfort for your horse's poll while using any noseband. 

Value-added features include the following: 
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Reinforced leather-shielded cheek pieces and reins
  • Finished beveled edges on all straps
  • Tapered ends
  • Holes correctly punched from the inside for both form and function
  • Flash straps are 5/8" wide with leather-shielded buckles for added comfort

    The Pirouette has a classic look, featuring a 1-1/2" soft padded, round raised flash crank noseband, with a browband duo of a 1/2" V-shaped crustal browband and round raised padded browband to match the noseband.