Centaur Spur Prince of Whales

Centaur Spur Prince of Whales

$ 17.50


The Centaur Modified Prince of Wales Spurs are an effective and practical addition to your riding toolbox. Constructed from high grade solid stainless steel for a lifetime rust-free guarantee, these spurs are offered with flat side branches for a more comfortable, snug fit against your boot heel. The curved neck features an oval, blunt end, sharper than rounded knobs, appropriate for a closer-contact leg position for a less-sensitive horse.

Designed to fit snugly on the heel of your boot, these women's spurs are lightweight and feature rounded branches with standard loops on either side of the branches to accommodate leather or synthetic spur straps.


  • Solid Stainless Steel Spurs
  • Lifetime Rust-Free Use
  • Flat, Rounded Branches for Seamless Feel
  • Curved Neck with Oval, Blunted Knob End