Black Country Saddle Optima MW FG - 17.5

Black Country Saddle Optima MW FG - 17.5

$ 2,780.00 $ 4,590.00

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Black Country Saddle Optima MW FG - 17.5

This brand new saddle offers the height of sophistication and is yet another exciting addition to our range of Dressage saddles.

Made to exacting standards through the highest standards of Master Saddler craftmanship the Optima showcases the latest technological advances in saddle design and manufacture.

Key features include a knee-roll which can be placed to an exact position for the rider allowing greater flexibility whilst still giving maximum support.

Custom-made for each individual this wonderful saddle is styled in calf leather throughout and comes with a close-contact flap ensuring clear and effective communication between horse and rider.

The Optima also has uniform weight distribution with pure wool flocking and is built on our range of our trees to suit all horses.