Back On Track Mesh Sheet

Back On Track Mesh Sheet

$ 289.00



Soothing Far Infrared Thermal Heat to Help Ease Pain of Horse's Stiff, Sore or Overused Muscles. 

  • Back on Track sheets and blankets all work the same and may benefit all horses - from pleasure to race horses to Olympic horses in every discipline. 
  • These products are made with our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric which reflects your horse's own natural body warmth creating a soothing far infrared thermal heat (the horse will not get overheated, but it can result in sweating to loosen and relieve sore or inflamed muscles). 
  • The thermal heat helps increase the blood circulation and helps your horse's muscles recover, stay looser and become less inflamed. 
  • The sheets/blankets can be used like a liner under your own blanket when it’s cold out. 
  • Back on Track's Welltex material will never lose its effectiveness even if the products end up in the dryer. 
  • We recommend that you hang dry them as they can become stiff and less comfortable if the dryer is too hot.