Custom Made

We are all familiar with the expression ‘fits like a glove’ and 'looks like it was made for me'. And we all love when something we are wearing does fit like a glove and looks great on us. So much more when we are performing and the perfect fit and look are what stands between us and the podium. 

Welcome to Barrington Saddlery Custom Made To Order Equestrian Outfits Program.


We have a range of styles both modern and traditional to flatter and enhance all shapes and sizes and we are available to advise you on the many different forms of customization, thanks to our experienced sales team who will design the best possible fit and look for you. We not only help you ensure our riding boots, coats, helmets and horse tack conform to the proper dress code for each discipline but we also work diligently to accommodate the growing technical demands of all of our modern riders. We understand the fine balance that needs to be struck between style, the perfect fit and the necessary freedom of movement required within the equestrian sport.
Here is a sample of our Custom Made To Order Equestrian Outfits from some of our top national and international brands.  

Equiline: Customize your tailcoats or competition jackets for the perfect look

  • Tailored by hand in Italy
  • Made in the revolutionary X-Cool Evo fabric
  • Promotes breathability, freedom of movement and is water repellent
  • Over 20 color options to choose from for collars and points
  • Four different designs of piping, including piping with rhinestones, glitter or metal ornaments
  • Adjustable weights to ensure perfect tails' positioning
  • Machine washable


      Deniro: Customize and design boots to satisfy your unique taste and riding preference

      • Luxurious equestrian boots
      • Expertly handcrafted in Italy
      • Extensive line of popular designs and customizations
      • Make a statement or simply show off your personality
      • Made with the highest quality of leathers
      • Total comfort
      • Choose from different leather stiffnesses
      • Different leather color options available
      • Crystallization always an option

        Samshield: Design your helmet to match your style

        • Choose from different fabrics and crystal options
        • Make your helmet shine or in vibrant colors with a variety of trim options
        • Change up the color of the helmet by choosing from Black, Brown, Blue or Grey
        • Go all out with the addition of 255 hand placed Swarovski crystals


          Ogilvy Pads: Make your saddle pad match your style

          • Design your pad with a variety of colors and trim options
          • Have your name or initials embroidered on the pad
          • Create your own color combinations with trim and binding options on select pads
          • Put your brand logo on your pad to feature your barn or company
          • All pads are anti-slip with no rubbing or friction
          • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal
          • Stain resistant


            Tucci: Create your perfect fit with custom-made Tucci boots

              • Over 10 different measurements to ensure the perfect fit
              • Choose from over 20 different styles of boots
              • Choose from 10 different colors and leather types
              • Add specialty bling to your boot along the top or in a crystal design
              • Have your name engraved on the outside of the boot and along the inside

            Customizable plates: 

            • Customize dog collars
            • stall plates
            • Leather bracelets
            • saddle plates
            • halters
            • bridles